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Petri Ruikka | Media | Master’s Degree Programme in New Media Art

Arch of Neo (AON)

Still from video footage

‘AON’ is an audiovisual work that is a live performance and a series of short videos. The form of the piece moves between abstract and representational imagery. Its visual thematics stem from experiments in the correlation between sound and image, explorations of dance and digital imaging, rhythmic audiovisual sequencing and off-kilter electronic music. The narrative fragments of ‘AON’ deal with the indefinitely varied forms of individuality and the surrounding societal influences.

The project is a long-term collaborative effort of the involved artists and musicians. I have directed and also done major part of the postproduction of the short videos. I worked as one of the visual artists of the performance together with Heikki Ryynänen.

Other members of the team are musicians Niclas Kristiansson and Matti Pentikäinen. Dance and choreography has been done by Anniina Jääskeläinen. Tuukkan Ylönen acted as a cinematographer on the dance material and Henrik Axlund was collaborating on the postproduction of one of the short videos.


Photografer: Tuukka Ylönen

Live at Kiasma Theatre 2010
Photografer: Antti Ahonen

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