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sketch made by Marco Rodriguez “scene I “
“view from the kitchen to the stage”


“To be natural is such a very difficult pose to keep up.”  Oscar Wilde

In our life, we play different roles in society. Like actors in plays, according to different sets, we react to circumstances and moments that are conditioned by time, space and movement. In this context, I was inspired by theater set designs of Edwad Gordon Craig, John Pawson´s and Tezuka´s architecture. My thesis shows the project of a flat renovation, in which the client played one of the most important roles in the design and the configuration of the space due to his personality, way of life and needs. The idea of “staged” put him within the space with a storyboard, like an actor framed in a scene. Seeing himself playing his role as himself in a specific moment in time and space was the main tool for designing him his own temporary space of living.

I would like to thank Javier Fuster for the freedom of design he gave to me. Otherwise, the realization of this thesis would not have been possible. Thank you.


Marco Rodríguez
Marco Rodríguez


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