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Arja Rantala | Muotoilu | Master’s Degree Programme in Applied Art and Design User & Design

Stone meets ceramics


"Design with taste of material, sweat of craft and hint of beauty."

Stone meets ceramics in this collection, designed for Tulikivi Oyj, which includes both ceramic decorations and stone mosaics. The collection introduces an alternative for traditional ceramic and stone tiles to the market.

The handicraft-based design process can be seen in the industrially manufacturable products. Inspiration for the collection came from New York City, modern jewelry and nature. With these samples it is possible to add personal solutions to the interior by enriching soapstone and by bringing a fresh new look to Tulikivi fireplace designs.

Cooperation partners: Tulikivi Oyj


Arja Rantala
Arja Rantala

Applied Art and Design

1978, Finland

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