Kaikki Masterit
Martina Carpelan | Muotoilu | Master’s Degree Programme in Applied Art and Design Environment

Paffy - A craft-kit for grandparents and their grandchildren

Suggested way of decorating the smaller paper figure

The craft-kit ‘Paffy’ is the end product of a MA thesis focusing on grandparents and their grandchildren.

Together, the child and the adult create something unique and individual as there are no rules on how the end product should look like. Visual perfectionism is not the desired outcome. The aim of the craft-kit is to bring generations closer and to produce time that is joyfully consumed together.

As the only material used is recycled newspaper, the kit introduces ecological thinking and understanding of sustainability to the child from a young age. The process also emphasizes without requiring traditional craft skills.

The smaller plastic mould with its
casted paper figure                          
Eddie’s (age 5) decorated creation
Martina Carpelan
Martina Carpelan

Applied Art and Design

1979, Finland