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The title of the work ‘Y’ refers not only to the male chromosome, but, symbolically, also to the slingshots I aimed at almost anything in my younger years.

Looking at roosters in their regalia today, I am reminded of how I looked up to my older brothers and how small I would sometimes feel in their presence. I often did what my brothers did. I listened to the same music, played soccer, collected birds' eggs, hunted, fished and admired their girlfriends. But I did not want to be the youngest and the wimpiest forever, so in search of acceptance I sought for tools to penetrate their armour.

My father must have been proud of my intense enthusiasm and he liked to show me the things he knew. I remember us sitting and fishing and being tired of listening to which lure is best suited to which weather, what a southeast navigation buoy looks like, and what is the quickest way to kill a fish. My father turns sour when he notices that I am not listening and tells me severely to pay attention to what he has to say, because these are important things to know if I am to cope in life by myself one day. As quick as lightning, I reply by throwing his new fishing rod in the lake. When many reprimands later we finally reach the port, mother has food waiting and the sauna is warm. We eat and go in.

Here I listen mostly to the language spoken by the skin and the body. In the thin light seeping through the windows I admire the pulsating landscape of muscle and flesh that I am a part of. The stove sputters and bodies stretch up with pride. Suddenly a man comes in, sees that it is too hot and turns on his heel, someone mutters, the stove sizzles.


Kenneth Bamberg
Kenneth Bamberg


1981, Suomi