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Minsu Kuusisto | Media | Master’s Degree Programme in Graphic Design Environment

The Green Book of a Graphic Designer

Present design culture is in need of new kind of methods to challenge unsustainable consumption. My research concerns designers potential to impact on the ecology of design projects through eco-efficiency, communication and new kind of platforms that challenge consumption.

The work included designing a concept and visual identity for climate center Ilmastoinfo. The center offers services for citizens and companies, helping them to make more climate friendly choices.

Ilmastoinfo is fund by the cities of Helsinki metropolitan area, Helsinki Region Transport and Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority. Concept design team also included Henna Kärkkäinen, Stefania Passera, Lasse Vuorento, Reetta Maila and Ilona Kuusela.



Minsu Kuusisto
Minsu Kuusisto

Graphic Design

1983, Finland

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