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Filming A New Beginning - Designing a New Media Learning Practice By Building on the Personal Interests of Families in Chennai, India

Filming a New Beginning workshop tool-kit
Photo: Anna Keune


With my thesis, I aimed to find a way through which children and adults can critically explore their socio-cultural living environment based on their personal interests.

A media production workshop tool-kit was designed, in which participants produce four films based on three iterative steps to identify challenges of their everyday lives and create more favorable alternative practices in communion. The practice is thought to lead to the empowering realization that everyone can make a difference in their own life, and in the life of others. The design exemplifies, how the notion of learning can move away from practices commonly connected with school, through design practice. The design is based on participatory design research with children and their mothers in Chennai, India.


Supported by:

-  Aalto School of Art and Design (At the time: University of Art and Design Helsinki)

-  Aalto School of Science Technology (At the time: Helsinki University of Technology)

-  Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore

-  Pudiyador Association for Community Empowerment

Anna Keune
Anna Keune

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