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Towards Co-Dining - Haptic Experience in Tableware, Lumia


Dining beyond merely eating is a holistic experience with all the senses; we taste the food, feel its texture, see the colors, touch the tools, hear the sound of forks and knives are hit each other, and we also make dialogues with family an friends on the table.

'Towards Co-Dining' is a process of the work which attempts delicately to stimulate the underlying wants of haptic aesthetic experience in everyday life for both sighted people and non-sighted people. Ultimately, it is for both to feel the beauty mutually from the tool when they dine together.

The design of 'Lumia', the bowl to serve solid food, was driven by touch-sense in which requires less vision dependency.  It bridges the gap between the human eye and the hand as it concerns the design criteria: comfortable holding, inviting patterns, warm material and reinterpretation of the traditional technique, 'ceramic inlay'. The soft and warm material silicone was inlaid instead of color clay.

Hyerin Jung
Hyerin Jung

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