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Henri Halla-aho | Muotoilu | Master’s Degree Programme in Furniture Design Environment

Aestethics of Aging in Built Environment and Objects


Patina, changes and signs of wearing tell the story of lived life and experienced moments.
Changes can be seen as a richness which deepens the relationship between the object and its user.
Instead of a culture of disposability and of throwing away things, users can be encouraged to see aging as a long-term process in which the objects’ value increases. In the process, the essence of an object forms and changes naturally. To achieve this, the object must be able to withstand time,  physically and aesthetically.

My thesis researches and presents the aesthetics phenomenon of aging. The aim is to get the viewer to see the phenomenon in their own environment and to understand its’ aesthetic values.


Henri Halla-aho
Henri Halla-aho

Furniture Design

1984, Finland

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