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Mobile Video Calls


Over the last decade, new multimedia services have emerged on the Internet due to the steady
increase in network capacity and computing power. Multimedia services, such as YouTube,
Livestream.tv and Skype have become a part of our daily lives. These services have expanded from the desktop to mobile devices due to the emergence of smartphones and faster mobile Internet (3G).

Furthermore, video calling on the smartphone/tablet is fast emerging as a potential killer application (FaceTime, Skype, Google Talk, Fring etc.). However, the mobile Internet is a challenging environment for sustaining a good user-experience. For example, fluctuating network connectivity leads to fading quality of voice and video. My work proposes mechanisms to overcome these challenges to provide a sustained quality of service to the users.

This work was carried at Communication and Networking Department (Prof. Jörg Ott) and in close collaboration with Nokia Research Center, Tampere (Igor D.D. Curcio).

Varun Singh
Varun Singh

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