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Hannu Louna | Engineering | Department of Architecture Extended

Kruunuvuorenranta School

The everyday environment has a profound effect on human wellbeing. In Finland, people
spend a considerable amount of their lifetime in different educational buildings. With the
aforementioned facts in mind, the purpose of my thesis has been to create an inspiring
and memorable school building with a functional and varied learning environment.

The topic of my Master's thesis is a design proposal for the future Kruunuvuorenranta
school in Helsinki. In my design, the two to four stories high building mass forms a
protected yard and a varied interior landscape. The smaller class spaces are grouped
around a clear central space. The free form of the roof gives the building a distinctive

The building consists of the elementary school grades 1 to 9 (Finnish 'peruskoulu') and has
a floor area of 10 000 m2.

Hannu Louna
Hannu Louna


1983, Finland

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