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Carlos Lamuela | Engineering | Department of Architecture Extended

From Länsiväylä to Länsibulevardi

This thesis is a strategic urban project for the transformation of 6 kilometers of Länsiväylä highway
into a street, therefore allowing 740.000 m2 of construction between Helsinki downtown and
Tapiola centre in Espoo. The space is equivalent to 16.000 inhabitants and 8.000 workplaces.

The project is “strategic” in the sense that, although working with the present-day context, it
defines a vision for the future development of the city. The vision is based on the elimination of
the urban highways, which fragment neighborhoods, deteriorate public health and keep the city
from fulfilling an existing potential to grow near its centre.

‘Länsibulevardi’ is a classic boulevard where all city functions happen: residential and commercial
buildings, public space and all modes of transportation, i.e. pedestrians, bicycles and vehicles.
This approach to urban development is new in Finland, but also part of the current highway-to-
boulevard trend that has already seen successfully completed projects in Europe, USA and Asia.
Carlos Lamuela
Carlos Lamuela


1983, Spain

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