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BattInfo – a Battery Monitoring Application for a Modern Mobile Device

Mobile phones and other mobile devices have one resource in common that is essential to all of them: battery life.

The evolution of mobile devices during the last ten years has changed them from mobile phones into multi-functional mobile computers, which can contain for example a web browser, a music player and a navigator.

This evolution has made the devices increasingly useful and important, but at the same time the average power consumption of the devices has increased, leading to shorter battery life.

This work examined how the remaining battery life could be estimated.

The target device of the work was Nokia N900.

The outcome of the work is a battery monitoring application, BattInfo, which provides the user with remaining battery life estimations, such as call time and music playback time.

Kaisa Korhonen
Kaisa Korhonen

School of Electrical Engineering,

Degree Programme in Communications Engineering

1986, Finland