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Hanna-Sisko Hovila | Engineering | Department of Architecture Extended

Kokkola Recreational Harbour - Filling Loose Urban Structure With Activity Oases

This project is a development plan for the surroundings of a boating harbour in the city of
Kokkola, Finland. It focuses on generating ideas for recreational activity based on local
and natural values. The aim is to fill the urban structure and to empower and diversify the
existing premises.

The work is presented at three different scales. The largest scale is a concept plan
about a whole new city district and a metamorphosis of the central park into a wetland
park. The more specific region plan proposes a continuous band of residential building
areas to surround the harbor area. On the neighborhood level I propose a marketplace,
a pedestrian bridge and a wooden boat centre that contribute to a human scaled

Hanna-Sisko Hovila
Hanna-Sisko Hovila


1984, Finland

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