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Markus Ahola | Applied Mechanics | Marine technology Extended

Living in a Motion - User-Centered Concepting in public Spaces of the Cruise Ship Concept

My thesis work concentrates on passengers’ space experience in a cruise vessel. The
Thesis was executed as a part of the joint master theses project called ‘Kolmen kopla’
(three of a kind), which was executed in the Cruise & Ferry Experience Center in the
Marine Technology Department of Aalto University.

This research is part of an entity of three theses investigating the STX Europe’s novel
cruise ship concept ‘xp Tray’ from economical, technical and users’ point of views. The
multidisciplinary approach aims to improve the utilization of the public spaces towards
pleasant passenger experience. My thesis work is an industrial design project description
composed of three parts: theory, user-research and concepting.

The outcome is a multi-use, verdant and transparent layout concept for the ‘xp Tray’s’
public spaces, where the central park of the layout is the functional center of the activity,
surrounded by multi-use service modules.

In co-operation with:
Pekka Lampinen (economical thesis: Service Capes in Cruise Ship Design: Case xp Tray
Design Concept)
Martin Bergström (technical thesis: Strength Analysis of a Cruise Ship with a Narrow

Shipyard STX Europe / Telakka STX Europe
Shipping company Royal Caribbean International / Varustamo Royal Caribbean

Markus Ahola
Markus Ahola

Marine technology

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