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Shanzhai Products in Everyday Life

In China, authentic and shanzhai (which is related to English words of copy, fake, counterfeit and grassroots) products coexist. Widely used by a large amount of Chinese users, shanzhai products that play a significant role in users’ everyday life have integrated in the Chinese society. My master thesis is an ethnographic research in Shanghai to investigate how a Chinese shanzhai user uses particular product categories in everyday life in the way in which s/he enacts identity as a social self, as well as how s/he rationalizes the shanzhai behaviors in the way that s/he carefully solicits comfort, proud and to avoid anxiety, shame. Thus, the materiality of use and users will be described through real-life stories of my informants and their cultural context.

My exhibition in MoA includes three sets of pictures with two comparative variables- the scene of life with authentic product in brand advertisements and the one with shanzhai product in shanzhai users’ everyday life in China. Three popular brands are selected-Louis Vuitton, iPhone/iPad and Crocs. In the picture, the user, the product with loud brand logo and the way the user uses the product in the local context is depicted. I intend to exhibit the two types of living without bias.



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