Kaikki Masterit
Asli Ufacik | Muotoilu | Master’s Degree Programme in Spatial Design Environment

A Container Café in Kalasatama


I designed the Container Café as part of a project that aims to temporarily enliven the Kalasatama area. The child-friendly summer café consists of two used cargo containers which are surrounded by an oasis-like terrace. The café’s seats double as giant building blocks for the children. Pre-cast concrete well rings are used as tables, planting beds, and as a children’s sand box. The furniture is designed to endure erratic weather conditions and vandalism. The use of recycled and ecological materials has been the key in the design process.

Co-operative companies: Rudus Betonituote Oy, FROMM pakkaus Oy, Sortit and Tikkurila Oyj


Asli Ufacik
Asli Ufacik

Spatial Design

1981, Finland

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