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Elissa Eriksson | Taide | Kuvataidekasvatuksen koulutusohjelma Environment

This is My City, After All

This is my city, after all
Kaisaniemi park, Helsinki
leaves, fence

Urban space is filled with words and visual messages that together create a vivid conversation. But is there a way for ordinary citizens to legally participate in this conversation?

A series of three interventions, ‘This is my city, after all’, ‘I want to see something else too’ and ‘Home lights’ reveals and questions the unwritten rules and invisible structures of the public space, searching for normal peoples’ means to contribute to their local visual environment.


I want to see something else too
Lasipalatsi tram stop, Mannerheimintie, Helsinki
poster, tram stop shelter

Home lights
Central Railwaystation, Helsinki
ice lantern, candle                                             

Elissa Eriksson
Elissa Eriksson


1982, Suomi