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Satu Haavisto | Media | Master's Degree Programme in Photography Ihminen

Subversive Gazes


Subversive Gazes is a series of staged photographs of girls, with which I challenge the conventional representations and ways of looking at or interpreting images of women.

My aim is to explore the borderlines of representations of girls. I am interested in the reversal of the viewing position, as well as the sitter’s expressions and gestures in relation to the constructed scenes of the photos. In this series, I have concentrated on the figures’ gazes. My goal is to show how these gazes either maintain or challenge the conventional way of representing girlhood or reading the image.

Subversive Gazes contains 130 X 175 cm, 97 X 130 cm and 65 X 87 cm pigment prints mounted on aluminium.


Satu Haavisto
Satu Haavisto


1975, Finland

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