Tongji on Tracks arrives in Helsinki

The Chinese Tongji University is arranging an excursion to Finland in May. The visitors will be hosted by Aalto University. The group will consist of 80 students and some professors and representatives of the management of the university.

The group will travel by train from Shanghai to Helsinki via Russia. The train has left Shanghai on May 4th and it will arrive at Helsinki railway station on Tuesday, May 10th at 18.01.

Additional members of the group will arrive by plane, including professors and representatives of the management of Tongji University as well as heads of major companies.

The train journey of the Chinese students, Tongji on Tracks, is a return visit that was inspired by the Aalto on Tracks project initiated by Aalto University students about a year ago. At that time, 80 students, researchers and partners travelled by train from Helsinki to Shanghai in order to participate in the Shanghai World Expo.