An interesting pool of events will be formed around the extensive degree show. The program will offer content for professionals and students of different fields, for the friends of Aalto and for researchers as well as for the larger audience and Aaltoers.

The seminars tackle issues such as failure, the mission of Aalto, the paradigm shift in media, sustainability and reduction of the poverty.

During the weekends MoA offers interactive program. There will be a full-day-discussion, which breaks the norms of ordinary panel discussions. MoA also welcomes 100 students from the Tongji University, that arrive with train all the way from Shanghai. As a Finnish-Chinese collaboration an intensive workshop to design a Chinese Pavillion to Finland will be organized. During that day, the audience has a unique possibility to learn about China and Chinese education.

In addition to the above mentioned, cinema screening, guided tours, discussion and parties will take place during the three MoA weeks.

Detailed program will be updated to this page within the first half of April.