Main sponsor of MoA festival is Sponda

This spring’s the main partner in cooperation of MoA festival is Sponda.  Sponda Plc is a real estate investment company that specializes in leasing business premises and developing and owning properties.

Sponda’s office, retail and logistics properties are located in the largest cities in Finland and Russia. The properties in Finland are mainly located in the Helsinki metropolitan area and in Oulu, Tampere and Turku. In Russia Sponda owns properties in St Petersburg and Moscow. The new home of MoA Festival, Salmisaari House is a combination of old factory milieu and new modern office setting. The sea makes a unique atmosphere for the neighbourhood.

By developing business premises into attractive, a tailored business environments, Sponda promotes its customers’ success. With its innovative, customer-orientated solutions, and high-quality properties, Sponda actively develops the best practices in its sector and enhances the environment and cityscape in a responsible way.

Slogan, "Sponda promotes its customers' success" suits also for the idea of Masters of Arts festival. For the graduating students the exhibition is an opportunity to interact with society, future employers, the media and other influential parties. The festival creates good basis for success in the future.