Masters of Arts brings spring to Helsinki

The traditional Masters of Arts Festival by Aalto University’s School of Art and Design takes place May 12-29 at the Salmisaari House in Ruoholahti.

MoA is a meeting place and a window to the future. The beating heart of the event is the grand Degree Show. During the past 10 years MoA has renewed itself by changing it's content, shape and location. This spring MoA introduces the Extended section by inviting those who have earned their Master's degrees in the fields of economics and technology to participate in the exhibition. The exhibition is curated by Media Artist Marita Liulia.

A large number of the 80 Master of Arts graduates participating in the exhibition chose Humankind as their theme. The thesis' explored the experiences and needs of users and consumers; they updated user interfaces and generated interest in creating services and more ecological environments for non-mainstream target groups.

In addition to the exhibition, MoA consists of seminars, movie screenings, parties, workshops and guided tours.

MoA is in close interaction with the audience and the society – the Salmisaari House provides an excellent framework for that. The festival's new home, Salmisaari House was built in 1937-40. The historically valuable building, with an impressive size, is primarily designed by the architect Väinö Vähäkallio. The old industrial milieu and modern office space can be experinced in the same area.

The culturally rich Cable Factory is just a few minutes walk away, and the public transportation makes it easy to reach the festival place. Local and regional buses drive along the Porkkalankatu. The nearest metro station and Ruoholahti Shopping Centre are within walking distance. Last stop for tram line 8 is on the other side of the street.