Tongji on Tracks arrives in Helsinki

The Chinese Tongji University is arranging an excursion to Finland in May. The visitors will be hosted by Aalto University. The group will consist of 80 students and some professors and representatives of the management of the university.

The group will travel by train from Shanghai to Helsinki via Russia. The train has left Shanghai on May 4th and it will arrive at Helsinki railway station on Tuesday, May 10th at 18.01.

Additional members of the group will arrive by plane, including professors and representatives of the management of Tongji University as well as heads of major companies.

The train journey of the Chinese students, Tongji on Tracks, is a return visit that was inspired by the Aalto on Tracks project initiated by Aalto University students about a year ago. At that time, 80 students, researchers and partners travelled by train from Helsinki to Shanghai in order to participate in the Shanghai World Expo.


Special Lecture by LOU Yongji

Professor, architect LOU Yongji from Tongji University will hold a special lecture Design Harvests, An Acupuncture Design Approach Towards Sustainability, on Saturday May 14, at 3:30 pm. The lecture is held as part of the Moved by China workshop.

LOU Yongji plays an active role to promote collaborations on interdisciplinary sustainable design education, research and practice internationally.

Further information about the event and lecturer


Festival programme released

Aalto University’s Masters of Arts 2011 festival programme released

The festival boasts bold performers and interesting speakers

Aalto University's Masters of Arts (MoA) festival offers a fascinating exhibition consisting of the thesis projects of young, graduating masters of art at the Salmisaarentalo building in Ruoholahti (Porkkalankatu 13) between the 12th and the 29th of May 2011. The festival programme includes the exhibition, seminars, discussions, films and workshops, not to mention the spectacular opening festivities.
The MoA exhibition, “Redesigning human”, consists of the thesis projects of 80 Aalto University students. The curator of the exhibition is media artist Marita Liulia. The public can visit the exhibition independently or take part in guided tours. There are no admission fees to the MoA events.

Miina Hujala’s exhibition in Gallery Jangva

MoA master Miina Hujala’s artwork can now be seen at Gallery Jangva. The exhibition is open from 27.4 – 15.5.2011. Hujala contemplates the national identity and how we express it in our actions, thoughts and values.

The first video piece is filmed in the Ox-Bow residency in Michigan, United States, during the summer of 2010. Scenes from Teuvo Tulio's film ‘The Song of the Scarlet Flower’ (1938) was projected to a screen that was placed in the landscape. In another piece Hujala placed candles in the walls of barns and sheds that had been left useless, in Savitaipale where she was born. The third moving image piece is about performing and the roles connected to cultural and national references.

Hujala has presented her work both in Finland and abroad. Her work has been seen for example in the Ox-Bow residency in Michigan, Park Gallery in Teheran and at Kettupäivät in Helsinki. Her pieces have toured in Paris, Madrid and Berlin during the Rencontres Internationales –festival and they have also been seen in group exhibitions such as Antidote in Berlin last autumn and in Galleria Rantakasarmi in the beginning of 2010.


Replaced Acts, 2010


Main sponsor of MoA festival is Sponda

This spring’s the main partner in cooperation of MoA festival is Sponda.  Sponda Plc is a real estate investment company that specializes in leasing business premises and developing and owning properties.

Sponda’s office, retail and logistics properties are located in the largest cities in Finland and Russia. The properties in Finland are mainly located in the Helsinki metropolitan area and in Oulu, Tampere and Turku. In Russia Sponda owns properties in St Petersburg and Moscow. The new home of MoA Festival, Salmisaari House is a combination of old factory milieu and new modern office setting. The sea makes a unique atmosphere for the neighbourhood.

By developing business premises into attractive, a tailored business environments, Sponda promotes its customers’ success. With its innovative, customer-orientated solutions, and high-quality properties, Sponda actively develops the best practices in its sector and enhances the environment and cityscape in a responsible way.

Slogan, "Sponda promotes its customers' success" suits also for the idea of Masters of Arts festival. For the graduating students the exhibition is an opportunity to interact with society, future employers, the media and other influential parties. The festival creates good basis for success in the future.


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