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Thursday, 14 May 2009, 15:00 - 20:00

Jussi Takkinen - Huppu

Christian Göbel - KLiM
Confessions on the Design Floor is a series of life stories by 7 designers – of projects, try-outs, practices and ideas. On the line of confessions are the taken paths, coincidences and follow-ups, networks and connections and questions like how to work within the creative field of design, how to take the next step, how to renew oneself…how much is planned and how much is based on chance? Each story will be different yet equally inspiring and interesting. Confessions on the Design Floor offers 7 paths, several crossroads and a vision for the forthcoming…

Johan Lindau / Blå Station, Martin Grønvald / Erik Joergensen, Tuomas Toivonen & Nene Tsuboi / NOW Office, Elina Aalto / Imudesign, Jeremiah Tesolin / Nokia and Antti Olin / Isku

Katja Lindroos

The MoA DESIGN DAY is organized at the EFG Showroom that hosts the Masters of Arts 2009 degree shows furniture and space design projects.

In collaboration with:
EFG, SIO, ORNAMO & Suomen Käsityön Ystävät

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14.5 MoA DESIGN DAY – Muodollisia tunnustuksia, klo 15:00 - 20:00

Confessions on the Design Floor –tapahtuma on sarja kertomuksia 7 suunnittelijan elämästä - projekteista, yrityksistä ja ideoista. Tunnustusten listalla on kuljetut polut, sattumat ja niiden seuraukset, verkostot ja yhteydet, sekä kysymykset kuten miten toimia muotoilun luovassa maailmassa, miten ottaa seuraava askel, miten uudistua aina uudelleen... kuinka paljon on harkittua kuinka paljon sattumaa? Jokainen tarina tulee olemaan erilainen, ja silti yhtä innostava ja mielenkiintoinen. Muodollisia tunnustuksia tarjoaa 7 polkua ja useita risteyksiä sekä vision tulevaisuudesta.

Johan Lindau / Blå Station, Martin Grønvald / Erik Joergensen, Tuomas Toivonen & Nene Tsuboi / NOW Office, Elina Aalto / Imudesign, Jeremiah Tesolin / Nokia ja Antti Olin / Isku

Katja Lindroos

MoA DESIGN DAY järjestetään EFGn paviljongissa Arabiakeskuksessa, jossa esillä Masters of Arts 2009 näyttelyn huonekalu- ja tilasuunnittelun lopputyöt.

EFG toimistokalusteet, SIO, ORNAMO & Suomen Käsityön Ystävät

11.5. MONDAY
11:00 Press Conference

12:00 MoA Starts

12:00 Open Doors
17:00 MoA Cinema Screening

15:00 Confessions on the Design Floor

15.5. FRIDAY
14:00 MoA Industries
16:00 Meet the masters
18:00 MoA @ Design Factory

11:00 Iso Kierrätystapahtuma
12:00 Emperor’s New Clothes
15:00 MoA Cinema Screening
17:00 Matti Pulli International

17.5. SUNDAY
12:00 Aalto Hopping

18.5. MONDAY
14:00 Beyond Tomorrow
– Responsibility of the Future

18:00 TaiK Alumni
19:30 MoA Pecha Kucha

13:00 MoA Art
17:00 MoA Cinema Screening

13:00 Mlab Demo Day
16:00 MoA Play

12:00 Opastettu kierros / Guided Tour
15:00 Opastettu kierros / Guided Tour

22.5. FRIDAY
13:00 Publiikki / Graduation Ceremony

15:00 MoA Cinema Screening

24.5. SUNDAY

12:00 MOA09 Last day open

Elina Aalto is a 33 year old designer living and working in Helsinki. She graduated from The University of Art and Design Helsinki in 2000 with a degree in spatial and furniture design and has since worked in her own studio on a wide variety of projects ranging from interior design to exhibitions, writing and teaching. She is also a founding member of Imu, the self appointed Finnish National Design Team, representing young Finnish designers in exhibitions around the world. In her work, Elina is interested in exploring everyday things from an unexpected angle. She is inspired by folklore and different regional customs. In 2006 Elina’s giant outdoor oriental carpet in Arabianranta, Helsinki, received a prize for best environmental art piece of the year.


Johan Lindau
Name / Johan Lindau
Born / 1963
Born / Helsingborg, South Sweden (Skania – not Sweden)
Places /1963-1978 Helsingborg
          /1979-1983 Åhus
         / 1984-1986 Stockholm
         / 1986-…    Åhus   
First Family
/  Börge Lindau, Father and well knowed designer
/ Karin Lindau, Mother
/ Mimi Lindau, Older sister and my BlĂĄ Station Partner
/ Johan Lindau, that’s me.
/ Lina and Malin, My younger Twinsister
Own Family   
/ Malin, my wife and BlĂĄ Station head of administration
/ Soda, Daughter 1,  11 years
/ Zaza, Daughter 2,   9 years 
Disciple 1 / In my fathers studio 1979 – 1982, nights, weekends and holidays
Disciple 2 / 1982-1983 full time in my father studio
Disciple 3 / 1984-1985 on the Industry to learn all related industries for the furniture industry.
BlĂĄ Station / Started BlĂĄ Station with my father 1986.
Title on paper / CEO since 1993
Profession / Design Manager
Product / Thonet sessel nr14
Designer alive / Jasper Morrison
Designer dead / Achille Castiglioni
Designer Finland / Yrjö Kukkapuro
Designer Sweden / Börge Lindau
Designer waste of money / Karim Rashid
Design philosophy / If a new designed product doesn’t improve the function, quality, the industrial process or are environmentally improving. Or if its lack of any innovation, then it is just another new product and shouldn’t be called design.


 Jeremiah Tesolin specializes in bringing together brand, retail and design skills within a business context. His professional design experience started with freelance product design work in Canada, The Netherlands and Finland. During this time he focused on redefining the identity of objects.

Jeremiah later moved to Nokia where he’s spent the past six years working in various creative and marketing related roles. Highlights of these years include designing the global graphic identity for Nokia retail flagship stores, refreshing the Nokia Tune, creating and managing Nokia’s spatial and audio identities, and managing internal Art Director teams. Whether it’s a product, experience, retail store or sound Jeremiah believes that designing the identity is critical in every project in order for people to identify with the final outcome.

Jeremiah Tesolin was born in the city of St. Catharines, Canada in 1977. He spent the first fifteen years of his life playing music, racing as a cyclist or working in his dad’s woodworking shop where he eventually became interested in design. Jeremiah has a Masters of Arts degree from the University of Arts and Design, Helsinki, and an Industrial Design degree from Humber College, Canada. He also spent time studying product design in The Design Academy, The Netherlands under Gjis Bakker, co-creator of Droog Design.


Nene Tsuboi & Tuomas Toivonen
NOW is a Helsinki-based architecture and design practice. We develop and design for now,
the contemporary condition. The scale and scope of our work extends from city to object, from
strategy to detail. Our aim is to make the world more interesting and enjoyable.
NOW was founded in 2005.
Nene Tsuboi (b.1976 Osaka) is a designer.
Tuomas Toivonen (b.1975 Helsinki) is an architect.
- MTV3 360Âş, a rotating TV news studio, Ilmala, Helsinki, 2006
- Grilli Films, film production office interior, Perämiehenkatu, Helsinki, 2006-7
- EGO, advertising agency interior, Unioninkatu, Helsinki, 2006-7
- Redrum, night club interior, Vuorikatu, Helsinki, 2007-
- Unelmien keskustakirjasto, research, survey, visualisation, Helsinki, 2007
- Yukki Housing -masterplan, Yukki, St. Petersburg, 2007
- Mega Museum, curation and design of exhibition, Ateneum, Finnish National Gallery, Helsinki, 2007
- Greater Helsinki Vision 2050 shared 2. prize, commission (with Demos Helsinki), Helsinki region, 2007-2050
- Linna Hotel, refurbishment and interior design plan, Albertinkatu, Helsinki, 2007-
- Mikonkatu development, retail level and street canopy plan, Mikonkatu, Helsinki, 2008
- Hakunilan Hopea, elderly housing, Hakunilantie, Vantaa, 2006, 2008-
- Talo Harmaankärki, lakeside house, Saimaa, 2007-2008
- Puutarhassa, Finnish pavillion, Shanghai Expo 2010, purchace in architectural competition, 2008
- Talo Y, seaside house, Särkisalo, 2008-2009
- Lasten huone, room and furniture concept for Artek, exhibition, recording, Helsinki, 2005-6
- Japan Pop, exhibition architecture and publication, Tennispalatsi, Helsinki, 2005
- New Architecture Album, own exhibition, publication, Fabrikken for Kunst & Design, Copenhagen, 2006
- Junkspace = My Space, research, product launch for Nokialle, exhibition, event, publication, Helsinki, 2006
- Larger than Life -permanent collection exhibition design, Ateneum, Finnish National Gallery, Helsinki, 2007
- Towards City 2.0, research (with Demos Helsinki), publication, 2007-
- New Arrivals, curation and design of exhibition, Design Forum Finland, Helsinki, 2007
- Delish, research, shop concept and interior, Helsinki, 2007-
- Local Mug, project for Iittala involving product design & events (Helsinki, Stockholm, Amsterdam, London), 2008
- Torni -film, 15 min, direction, design, production, Helsinki Festival and Hotel Torni, Helsinki, 2008
- Gardens Of O.D.P. Daniel Palillo s/s 2009 fashion show and event design, video & DVD, 2008
- Ginza mug, limited edition mug design for iittala GINZA, 2008
- New Order, exhibition architecture and publication, Madrid, 2009
Demos Helsinki, DUS Architects, BYGG studio, Åbäke & Kitsune, Mitsumaru, Association for Experimental
Electronics (KoElSe), Daniel Palillo, Nao Saito.