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BEYOND TOMORROW -seminar Print
Monday, 18 May 2009, 14:00 - 18:00

Bang Jeon Lee

Lien-Chiu Hsiao

Aalto University promises to be courageous and reach for the remarkable - to be the force for renewal and change. Beyond Tomorrow - Responsibility for the Future -seminar tackles this topical issue from a number of different angles - from
values to technology, from architecture to food, from climate to design...

The speakers are people who challenge the society:
John Thackara, Sami Rintala, Fredrik Magnusson, Jayanta Chattarjee and Aki Arjola & Eeropekka Rislakki.

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Aalto-yliopisto lupaa olla rohkea ja tavoitella merkittävää - olla uudistumisen ja muutoksen voima. Beyond Tomorrow - Responsibility for the Future -seminaari lähestyy tätä ajankohtaista asiaa monelta eri suunnalta - arvoista teknologiaan, arkkitehtuurista ruokaan, ilmastosta muotoiluun...

Seminaarin puhujina on yhteiskuntaa haastavia ajattelijoita ja tekijÜitä: John Thackara, Sami Rintala, Fredrik Magnusson, Jayanta Chattarjee ja Aki Arjola & Eeropekka Rislakki.

Ilmoittaudu seminaariin


11.5. MONDAY
11:00 Press Conference

12:00 MoA Starts

12:00 Open Doors
17:00 MoA Cinema Screening

15:00 Confessions on the Design Floor

15.5. FRIDAY
14:00 MoA Industries
16:00 Meet the masters
18:00 MoA @ Design Factory

11:00 Iso Kierrätystapahtuma
12:00 Emperor’s New Clothes
15:00 MoA Cinema Screening

17.5. SUNDAY
14:00 Aalto Hopping

18.5. MONDAY
14:00 Beyond Tomorrow
18:00 TaiK Alumni
19:30 MoA Pecha Kucha

13:00 MoA Art
17:00 MoA Cinema Screening

13:00 Mlab Demo Day
15:30 Marina's Garden
16:00 MoA Play

12:00 Opastettu kierros / Guided Tour
15:00 Opastettu kierros / Guided Tour

22.5. FRIDAY
13:00 Publiikki / Graduation Ceremony

15:00 MoA Cinema Screening

24.5. SUNDAY

12:00 MOA09 Last day open

John Thackara is a symposiarch who designs events, projects, and organizations. He is also the Director of Doors of Perception (Doors), a design futures network with offices in Amsterdam and Bangalore. Founded as a conference in 1993, Doors now connects together a worldwide network of visionary designers, thinkers, and grassroots innovators. This unique community of practice is inspired by two related questions: "we know what new technology can do, but what is it for?" and, “how do we want to live?”.

To explore these questions in context, John Thackara organises collaborative innovation projects in which designers, together with grassroots innovators and citizens, develop new service concepts and prototypes in real locations. The results are published on the Doors of Perception website, and discussed at the celebrated Doors of Perception conference.
A former journalist and publisher, John was the first Director (1993-1999) of the Netherlands Design Institute. He is a member of the Virtual Platform, a club of research institutes which advises the Dutch government; he also sits on expert groups advising the European Commission on its innovation policy, and was on the coordinating group, responsible for vision building, of Convivio - the EU network for social computing. Currently, 2006-2008, he is Programme Director of Design of the Times in the North of England, Newcastle.

He lives in between the South of France and Amsterdam.

John Thackara studied philosophy and journalism in England before working in book publishing in New York. He edited Design magazine for five years, was later Modern Culture Editor of Harpers & Queen, and was design correspondent of The Guardian. In 1987 he set up Design Analysis International (DAI), a conference and exhibition company with offices in London and Tokyo. DAI organised events at the Pompidou Centre, Victoria & Albert Museum, Axis Gallery in Tokyo, and other venues. From 1989-1992 John was Director of Research at the Royal College of Art, and was twice chairman of the European Design Summit.


Jayanta Chattarjee
Dr. Jayanta Chatterjee is a renowned practitioner with rigorous academic involvement. He has ten years of Management teaching experience and 30 years of  management  experience in different countries. Starting with Siemens as a Sales Engineer in India (1972) he went on to pioneer the introduction of programmable  control &  advanced power electronics systems at Allen-Bradley India (A Rockwell Joint Venture with Crompton Greaves), where he rose to the position of President & CEO in 1990. During his tenure the India operation saw spectacular growth and became a dominant player in the Enterprise Automation market of the region. Jayanta was nominated for Rockwell global awards during 1993, 94 & 95. He was chosen as the 'Manager of the Year' by Delhi Management Association in 1994. He was in the lead group of Rockwell Country managers in the Asia Pacific Council. He helped to setup new operations and assisted merger & acquisition projects in Korea, Japan, Singapore and other countries of the region. Simultaneously he continued to pursue his research interests in strategic management of technology and marketing.

In 1996, Chatterjee was promoted to Rockwell International (Costa Mesa, California) as the Executive Director for  technology and business development.  Later he cofounded and was the Chief  Knowledge officer of  Plex in California, a venture funded CRM system developer during 2000-2001.

He did his graduation in Electrical Engineering from Jadavpur University (best graduate of the year) and his M. Tech. as well as Ph. D. in Management Systems from IIT Delhi. Jayanta is a Senior Member of IEEE, USA and an Alumnus of Rockwell's Global Leadership Programme and the Aspen Institute Leadership Programme. He is a founder EC member of the Engineering Management Society of IEEE in India.

He has been a visiting faculty at IIT Delhi and Kanpur since 1994 teaching Strategy & Business Policy, Service Management , Creative Problem Solving, Cyber Marketing and Knowledge Management. Jayanta is a popular speaker at management conferences.

Since 2001, Dr. Chatterjee is in full time academics and a Professor at the Industrial and Management Engineering Department of IIT Kanpur .He is a consultant and coach for several high technology companies and their key executives and continues to be a venture catalyst.


Sami Rintala (born 1969) is a Finnish architect and artist. He studied architecture at Helsinki University of Technology, completing his studies in 1999. Rintala first came to public and critical attention with the joint projects he made with Marco Casagrande, under their partnetrship, Casagrande & Rintala, from 1998 to 2003, when their partnership dissolved. Casagrande & Rintala produced a series of critically acknowledged architectural installations around the world, often at art biennales, including the Venice Biennale. These works combined architecture with a critical thinking towards society, nature and the real tasks of an architect, all within a cross-over art practice using space, light, materials and the human body as tools of expression.

Casagrande & Rintala had their first wider recognition in 1999 with the award-winning project Land(e)scape: Three abandoned wooden barns were raised on 10-meter-high legs to follow their farmers to the cities as a critical comment on the deserting process of the countryside. The barns were then set on fire. In the 2000 Venice Biennale 2000 their project was Sixty Minute Man; A ship sailed to Arsenal with a garden inside. The park was planted on sixty minutes of human waste from the city of Venice, becoming together with the old boat a three-dimensional collage of society waste, commenting on the Biennale theme ‘less aesthetics, more ethics’.

In 2008, Rintala started a new architect's office with Icelandic architect Dagur Eggertsson, called Rintala Eggertsson Architects. The office is based in both Oslo, in southern Norway and Bodø, in northern Norway.

Important part of Rintala’s work is teaching and lecturing in various university departments of art and architecture. His teaching takes place usually in form of workshops where the students often are challenged to participate in the shaping of the human environment on a realistic 1:1 situation.

Rintala’s work is based on narrative and conceptualism. The resulting work is a layered interpretation of the physical, mental and poetic resources of the site.

Fredrik Magnusson
Fredrik Magnusson is the Design Director of Iittala Group and responsible for the design and material development processes. In collaboration with the creative director Christel Vaenerberg Magnusson is also responsible for developing new product concepts and product fields for Iittala. Magnusson, in practice, challenges and supports all brands of Iittala group.

Fredrik Magnusson has a degree in design from Konstfack, Stockholm and has also studied the the Art Center College of Design, Los Angeles. 1995 Magnusson founded  a design company called Propeller, which in 12 years grew into the biggest industrial design company of Sweden with 40 employees. Magnusson was the CEO of Propeller untill 2006 when he sold the company to Semcon.

During the years of Propeller Magnusson worked with a numer of large companies like Ericsson, Volvo, General Motors, Svedbergs, IKEA, but he has also collaborated with smaller companies like Ihreborn and Kapsel. Magnussons passion is to develop his own skills in diverse ways, from all possible angles. He has so far received more than 20 international awards.


Aki Arjola & Eeropekka Rislakki
Aki Arjola (b. 1970) and Eeropekka Rislakki (b. 1956) are the co-founders (with Jari Etelälahti) of Unione, which is an innovative omnimedia company and a think-tank organization in Finland. The dynamic duo met each other in 1999 during the Aktivist Network media project, which launched city papers, internet portals and mobile phone services in 7 countries and 23 cities. Aki Arjola was the country manager for the Baltic countries and Russia. Eeropekka Rislakki was the director of the content production for the network. Their interest in journalism, media, DJ’ing, art, design, fashion, creative sub and side cultures, food, restaurants, and the idea to solve the secrets of The New Russia led them to join the forces and start the Eat&Joy – It’s All About the Restaurants in Creative Helsinki, the trade magazine Viisi Tähteä (Five Stars) and for HoReCa business.

Eat&Joy, an international media initiative that began in 2004 as a two week culinary event in Helsinki, Finland, teams up with hotels and one hundred restaurants, chefs and local food producers to evolve the initiative into a cross-cultural/cross-border culinary and creative event. Eat&Joy’s mission is to draw attention to local hotels, restaurants, chefs, local food, Finnish ingredients and politics of food (including progressive efforts in art, design, music and fashion) as well as to promote the overall concept of New Nordic Kitchen (which will be the next Big Thing).

Eat&Joy’s mission is to express the purity, freshness, simplicity and ethics that we would like to associate with our region. Eat&Joy is to promote the welfare of the animals and a sound production in the sea and in the cultivated as well as wild landscapes. Eat&Joy is to combine local self-sufficiency with regional exchange of high-quality goods. The Farmers are the Elite of Tomorrow. F*** E-codes! No nasties!