Lassi Kansikas

1978, Finland

3 pictures of Medea, Jason, Globalization, Myth, Ritual, Man, Woman, Honor and Violence.

For my thesis I designed and built the set for a theater piece “Medeamaterial” in Theater Academy in the fall of 2008. The piece was based on Heiner Muller’s Medeatrilogy: MEDEAmaterial, Landscape of the Argonauts and the Despoiled Shore.
Muller texts style and form is closer to contemporary poetry than traditional drama text. In Muller own words: It resists the stage and offers a challenge to the makers. The text doesn’t lend itself easily to theatrical or dramatic action.

The basic concept of my design was to set up both the experience of the viewer and a platform for the performers. As a deck of ship it served as the Argo ship of Greek mythology as well as the modern ferry Finnjet, currently being torn to scrap on a beach in the deep south.


Director Riko Saatsi
Set design Lassi Kansikas
Music Jouni Bäckström
Dress design Sanna Levo
Music Heidi Lind
Light design Jenni Kääriäinen
Performers Noora Dadu,
Milla Kangas, Tero Koponen, Sauli Suonpää
+ Choir

Copy right TeaK 2008

Bergholm, Hanna
Kansikas, Lassi
Kilpeläinen, Raisa
Kuparinen, Mikko
Lifländer, Elina