Hanna Ahonen

Fashion and Clothing Design
1978, Finland

Mipetit ‚Äď clothing collection for children, summerday in fairy tale forest

Mipetit is a happy print design clothing collection for young children. The vision of a collection in which print designs and colors play with the consumer, gave the motivation to create fresh childlike products.

The world around us changes ‚Äď however, children stay focused on the little every day things. The thesis introduces the Mipetit design label, concept and visual impression, as well as a part of Spring/Summer 2009 collection. The Mipetit collection is designed for consumers whose choices and self-expression are guided by authenticity, awareness of environment and value basis. The focus is to study the quality, comfort and practicality of the clothes, combined with explicit forms and colors.

The visual identity of the Mipetit design label is based on fairy tale characters. Happy, rhythmic and contrasting illustrations can be found in the clothes, interior textiles and graphics. The illustrations challenge to storytelling and communication through the products. As a common theme, each print design tells a story of an adventure in the fairytale forest, filled with simple but warm spirit, imagination and laughter. The collection consists of 11 ensembles, decorative cushions and paper printed products.

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Aaltio, Lauri
Ahonen, Hanna
Austin, Timothy
Auttila, Pieta-Linda
Chernyakevich, Bogdan
Falin, Priska
Göbel, Christian
Heinonmäki, Mari
Hsiao, Lien-Chiu
Huang, Shanfan
Ikonen, Janne
Kaapo, Kaisa Kristiina
Kangasniemi, Salla
Korhonen, Eerika
Koski, Salla
Kuusinen, Marjo
Lee, Bang Jeon
Lepokorpi, Saara
Liukko, Anu
Mansén-Laalo, Marjo
Mensio, Ville
Osborne, Devon
Panasupon, Kompit
Park, Hyunsun 
Piispanen, Tatu
Puoskari, Maija 
Raivio, Päivi 
Riski, Liisa
Salokannen, Satu
Savolainen, Tea

Sistonen, Tia
Takagi, Yuko
Takkinen, Jussi
Tikka, Suvi
Urh, Vasja
Vainiomäki, Katri
Volcoff, William
Väänänen, Sanna