Salla Kangasniemi

Textile Art and Design
1975, Finland

Delicious designs – Fresh from Pattern Bakery’s oven

”Delicious designs fresh from the bakery” –collection connects current phenomena to the true story of Pattern Bakery design studio. The themes spring from the joy of everyday life, from important human relationships and from longing for beauty. The pattern collection born from these ideas celebrates home and invites you to do it yourself.

The theory of the collection is based on storytelling, corporate identity and predicting megatrends. While the global recession causes a turning point in consumption and feminization trends infiltrate the entire society and enforce equality between the sexes, the thing that matters the most is genuine.
As a conclusion of the thesis, in addition to a collection of patterns, an idea of a Pattern Bakery deliciousness certificate was born. Pattern Bakery – Deliciousness Certificate means that our design work is up-to-date, delicious and complies with the humane values of the company.

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DESIGN Aaltio, Lauri
Ahonen, Hanna
Austin, Timothy
Auttila, Pieta-Linda
Chernyakevich, Bogdan
Falin, Priska
Göbel, Christian
Heinonmäki, Mari
Hsiao, Lien-Chiu
Huang, Shanfan
Ikonen, Janne
Kaapo, Kaisa Kristiina
Kangasniemi, Salla
Korhonen, Eerika
Koski, Salla
Kuusinen, Marjo
Lee, Bang Jeon
Lepokorpi, Saara
Liukko, Anu
Mansén-Laalo, Marjo
Mensio, Ville
Osborne, Devon
Panasupon, Kompit
Park, Hyunsun 
Piispanen, Tatu
Puoskari, Maija 
Raivio, Päivi 
Riski, Liisa
Salokannen, Satu
Savolainen, Tea

Sistonen, Tia
Takagi, Yuko
Takkinen, Jussi
Tikka, Suvi
Urh, Vasja
Vainiomäki, Katri
Volcoff, William
Väänänen, Sanna