Salla Koski

Industrial and Strategic Design
1975, Finland

Dr. Duck – A probe study: User requirement definition of childhood diabetes management concept

Dr. Duck is a children’s blood sugar level meter that measures the level of blood sugar from a blood sample. The wrist-worn meter is to give the user reminders and guidance to the necessary actions. The user has to convey the given information to his/her diabetes management personnel and to participate in the web-based games of their peer support group.

This thesis is a probe study of the life of three children with diabetes. Both the Interactive Diabetes Management Concept and the User Requirements of blood glucose meter Dr. Duck are based on this research.

The study was conducted in Helsinki and in Kainuu in February-March of 2008. Participating children were between 6 and 10 years old. The methods used in the study were probe study and interviews. The probes were diaries in which the children and their parents logged the everyday events by using stickers, pictures and written text. The diary also included a drawing assignment for the children and their parents of important issues of the children’s lives. The results were defined with the closing interviews of the participants.

The interactive blood glucose meter Dr. Duck developed in the study has been granted financing from Tekes/Tuli and Foundation for Finnish Inventions during 2006 – 2008. An international patent application was filed in 2007. The aim of the commercial project is to create a product family with an international partner.

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