Bang Jeon Lee

Furniture Design
1982, Republic of Korea


It is challenging to fulfill all the requirements that have been set for children’s products – for instance safety, educational benefit and easy functionality. It is also difficult to utilize the feedback from real users: the children themselves. ‘달dal’ is focused on developing a design process based on feedback from children’s perspective.

‘달dal’ is a proposal for an experimental process to design children’s products through users’ inspiration. ‘달dal’ functions as a ’creative probe’ that enables better communication between designers and children. It also tries to encourage children for more physical indoor activities. Children may act more creatively and learn to collaborate with others when they meet by playing with ‘달dal’.
‘달dal’ should be adequate for all ages of children between 4 to 9 years old and it has been designer for a mass production process. It aims to be a timeless, aesthetic and sustainable design product.

Arkki (Arkkitehtuurikoulu)
Gabriel : Gabriel A/S
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