Tatu Piispanen

Industrial and Strategic Design
1981, Finland

The Grass Is Always Greener Over the Septic Tank

This thesis for Uponor Oy consisted of two parts: defining design identity for the company and designing a 2 m³ septic tank. Brand and product studies resulted in a corporate design philosophy proposal and more refined design identity guidelines for the company’s wastewater treatment product category. The tank itself is a manifestation of these definitions.

The new tank is a fifth generation 2 m³ septic tank and has numerous significant improvements over the previous models. The tank’s main body forms its three chambers, which saves one costly rotational molding cycle during production because no separate partition walls are needed. New logistic and transportation improvements include superior liftruck handling features and an option to place the riser and the distribution chamber inside the tanks body during transportation.

The septic tank has been designed in collaboration with Uponor’s Development Engineer Niko Päivinen.

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Piispanen, Tatu
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