Tia Sistonen

Industrial and Strategic Design
1978, Finland

Design principles for visually disabled user’s wearable navigator – case study “WearMe – GuideMe” project

WearMe – GuideMe is a user-inspired thesis, which is carried out by designers Tia Sistonen and Päivi Haaksiluoto. It is a non-commercial project bringing together multi-professional design knowledge and understanding, in order to produce and create concepts and prototypes by thorough user study.
The project is research and development oriented and its aim is to create a new innovative solution for a wearable personal navigation system used with mobile communication appliances. WearMe GuideMe’s holistic approach to design will primarily address the needs of visually impaired persons.
The thesis is a summary of different design principles and issues that need to be taken into consideration when designing assistive technology for users with disabilities. It also reflects and discusses themes of wearable technology and personal navigation and way-finding. The main goal is to study and create new wearable concepts and ideas for user-interfaces in collaboration with the end users.

The project was done in collaboration with the Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired (FFVI) and has been funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation and Arts Council of Finland.



DESIGN Aaltio, Lauri
Ahonen, Hanna
Austin, Timothy
Auttila, Pieta-Linda
Chernyakevich, Bogdan
Falin, Priska
Göbel, Christian
Heinonmäki, Mari
Hsiao, Lien-Chiu
Huang, Shanfan
Ikonen, Janne
Kaapo, Kaisa Kristiina
Kangasniemi, Salla
Korhonen, Eerika
Koski, Salla
Kuusinen, Marjo
Lee, Bang Jeon
Lepokorpi, Saara
Liukko, Anu
Mansén-Laalo, Marjo
Mensio, Ville
Osborne, Devon
Panasupon, Kompit
Park, Hyunsun 
Piispanen, Tatu
Puoskari, Maija 
Raivio, Päivi 
Riski, Liisa
Salokannen, Satu
Savolainen, Tea

Sistonen, Tia
Takagi, Yuko
Takkinen, Jussi
Tikka, Suvi
Urh, Vasja
Vainiomäki, Katri
Volcoff, William
Väänänen, Sanna