Yuko Takagi

Textile Art and Design
1980, Japan

Meaningfulness of Printed Textile

This project originated from my hope of making users happier with pure textile surface design. Its aim was therefore to examine the idea of the “meaningfulness of printed textile”. The result is a collection of patterns for bed linen, and one of the designs will be in 2010 collection of Nanso OY.
Although print design on textile is sometimes seen as mere additional elements, it has an effect on users’ emotions and daily life, because textiles adhere to us rather tightly all the time and affect us subtly. It may be moreover an intermediary between a textile (also the designer) and the users. To make this idea, meaningfulness of printed textile, clearer I researched the general concept of ornamenting, the basic element and its effect of printed textiles, and people’s perception and recognition toward things. And the theme of the design, seasonal sky especially Nordic one, was lead based on my analysis and realized into the final designs.

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Chernyakevich, Bogdan
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Hsiao, Lien-Chiu
Huang, Shanfan
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Kaapo, Kaisa Kristiina
Kangasniemi, Salla
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Takagi, Yuko
Takkinen, Jussi
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