Taija Ala-Vannesluoma

Art Education
1972, Suomi

Closer – to therapeutic art pedagogical thinking

As a thesis work I have created narratives from artworks that I have made during art therapeutic process. This has buildt not only a new kind of identity, but also new pedagogical thinking which can help young people at the risk of social exclusion.
I have specialised in expressive arts therapy methods in my master studies. Between years 2003 and 2008 I have participated in three one-year periods of art therapy method studies.
In masters thesis I wanted to morph my experiences of art therapeutic process and knowledge from source books into art pedagogical thinking. I was asking questions like: “What does the term therapeutic mean?” and “ What makes art or artistic process therapeutic?”
I came to conclusion that in the work that is social, one has to be present, know well and take care of one self. Important pedagogical conclusions were safe, unhurried environment and teacher’s awareness of group dynamics.

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