Fredrik Bäck

Art Education
1981, Finland



My short film Apologia (Apologi) examines the essayistic film. What is an essay film? How does the maker of such films look at the world and his or her raw material: words and images?
For a long time, I have been fascinated by films that for some reason are deemed ‚Äúunfilmic‚ÄĚ, i.e. films that challenge the conventional wisdom about how films should look and sound. People seem to think that a film must not be too literary, that an overabundance of words harms it in some way. What a peculiar idea! Apologia can be seen as an ironic testing of this assumption.
My thesis is a further elaboration of this theme. The film is shot on Super 8 film in color and black and white.

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Ala-Vannesluoma, Taija
Bäck, Fredrik
Eskelinen, Rauni
Forsman, Tiina
Isoaho, Seppo Ilmari
Kettunen, Mikko
Kärkkäinen, Sirpa Anita
Lehtimaja, Lissu
Musakka, Satu
Palaste-Arola, Raisa
Pekkola, Oona
Pätsi, Päivi
Roschier, Linda
Saarelainen, Heidi