Tiina Forsman

Art Education
1961, Finland

The fantasy of dismissing the other
‚Äď Orientalistic attitude to theorizing art

My thesis deals with the making science of the art and interrelated to that with the exercise of power. What kind of attitudes there are behind the science-making and to whom they are of use? In making science of the art there are accepted as basis facts, which can also be questionable. In theorizing art the production of evidence is made for to show it is important to the people instead of making clear how the art in reality is operating.

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Ala-Vannesluoma, Taija
Bäck, Fredrik
Eskelinen, Rauni
Forsman, Tiina
Isoaho, Seppo Ilmari
Kettunen, Mikko
Kärkkäinen, Sirpa Anita
Lehtimaja, Lissu
Musakka, Satu
Palaste-Arola, Raisa
Pekkola, Oona
Pätsi, Päivi
Roschier, Linda
Saarelainen, Heidi