Raisa Palaste-Arola

Art Education
1980, Finland

Identity Gaming

Identity Gaming is a computer game playable by web browser, aimed at young people. The purpose of the game is to encourage users to think about consumerism on a wider scale: What are consumption choices based on? What consequences does consumption have locally, globally?
Today consumption is no longer only seen as important from the view of possessing things. Through consumption people also build their identities and social relations as well as express themselves. The problem is however that the richness of our consumer culture is produced on the cost of environment and other people.

The game takes place in Moneyland. The garments of Moneyland are produced in the Factorylands, which are a part of the No-moneylands. Mister Brandman owns all the clothing brands in the Moneylands and every time someone purchases something, Mister Brandman is getting wealthier.
The design process has been assisted by the pupils of Meilahti School and the game has been produced in collaboration with the Department of Multimediadesign in the Lahti Institute of Design.

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Ala-Vannesluoma, Taija
Bäck, Fredrik
Eskelinen, Rauni
Forsman, Tiina
Isoaho, Seppo Ilmari
Kettunen, Mikko
Kärkkäinen, Sirpa Anita
Lehtimaja, Lissu
Musakka, Satu
Palaste-Arola, Raisa
Pekkola, Oona
Pätsi, Päivi
Roschier, Linda
Saarelainen, Heidi