Päivi Pätsi

Art Education
1980, Finland

Artistic methods for evaluating uncertainty and sensibility analysis

In my thesis I try to find ways to approach the incomprehensible. For me it’s the Master’s thesis on of my friend Maria Pusa for Helsinki University of Technology. I can´t understand the mathematical language of it but I try to approach it from my starting points. Mathematics I haven’t studied since secondary high school, but visual arts I have.

The purpose of Pusa´s Masters thesis was to conduct a survey on the mathematical methods on which the evaluation and uncertainty analysis of reactor physics are currently based. This includes sensitivity analysis. Uncertainty and sensitivity are the common concepts in our thesis´: How uncertain is knowledge? Is it good to be sensitive?
I communicate with Pusa’s thesis trough my art. I study the dialogue process in my theoretical part. I find the concept of universal learning by Joseph Jacotot the right approach for me: Jacotot claims that we can learn what ever we want to. The language of art and science are both manifestations of human intelligence.
Even the most incomprehensible things may inspire and you may even learn what it’s about.

Art works are digiprinted in Vallila Interior.


Ala-Vannesluoma, Taija
Bäck, Fredrik
Eskelinen, Rauni
Forsman, Tiina
Isoaho, Seppo Ilmari
Kettunen, Mikko
Kärkkäinen, Sirpa Anita
Lehtimaja, Lissu
Musakka, Satu
Palaste-Arola, Raisa
Pekkola, Oona
Pätsi, Päivi
Roschier, Linda
Saarelainen, Heidi