Heidi Saarelainen

Art Education
1982, Finland


A picture can stay echoing on ones’ mind like a good piece of music. In my thesis I set myself a task of answering the question why these royal portraits by 17th century painter Diego Velázquez began to echo in my mind. In some peculiar way those pictures bring out fear, laughter and they also have a great impact on me evoking contemplation of ones’ fragile existence in the universe. From those pictures I recognize a part of me. When the mind strays, the body remains in place like a stone maintaining its’ posture regardless of time. It shapes an eternal monolith. From the shimmering royal palace hallways I have derived my paraphrases which reforms from manifestations of domination to questions about individual existence.

My thesis ‚ÄėL√§sn√§olevat‚Äô is an artistic research where I explore a special knowledge arising from art through experience. As we encounter and are affected by a piece of art, the impression changes to experience and we have to look at the relationship between oneself and the piece of art. Then we above all examine ourselves. I don‚Äôt examine portraits in their historical or theoretical context but merely as pieces of art, which have an influence on the viewer. Art experience itself is an open process, which is influenced by the significant surrounding space and a viewers‚Äô personal history. After the piece of art is physically completed, there‚Äôs still new semantics arising from it. Actually there‚Äôs no right or definite interpretation of the royal portraits or their paraphrases but merely individual for each.

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Saarelainen, Heidi