MOA 12.-25.5.2009

The Masters of Arts Festival has taken place four times now. The annually changing event has grown to be a showcase for limitless collaboration. A great number of the freshly graduated Masters’ of Arts diploma works are presented in the exhibition set up in Media Centre Lume. Current and future developments in art, design, film and visual culture are brought to the forefront in many ways, in various events.

The MoA approach is sincere ‚Äď the University wants to support its graduating students and also give a chance to other students of the University to design and carry out a unique, first-rate and tangible enterprise.

The production of the Festival has its foundation in neighbourly help, good will and seamless co-operation. The event does not strive for monetary gain: its mission is to multilaterally support learning processes and the advancement of Finnish culture as well as buttress the position of design, film and visual culture in society.

The Festival is supported by a large group of companies, institutions and private persons. The University has succeeded in creating an enterprise that professionals from various fields regard as something uniformly positive. The intellectual presence and expert opinions of these people are immeasurably valuable to the Festival.

The Masters of Arts Festival is a celebration as well as a tour de force of the new Masters. The years of striving for a Master's degree in a prestigious University deserve a worthy finish: a final workout before taking off toward a desirable career. MoA is the collective effort of the graduating generation to make visible the richness of ideas and the creative energy of the whole university. These are essential ingredients of our brand, of the message we send out to potential students from Finland and abroad to join this exciting creative community.

Years of experience reveal that MoA increases students' motivation to graduate. Everyone wants to stand together on this platform that oozes with creativity. It also seems as if the joint event judged by a jury spurs students to constantly work for better results and the departments to support the students in their efforts. The grand event gives birth to new endeavours as the participating students realise that their thoughts and ambitions connect. MoA expands the impact of our work.

 Masters of Arts is a forum that enables making contacts with potential employers, and there are already numerous examples of this opening of new opportunities. From the viewpoint of the University, MoA is also a barometer for the quality of teaching and research and also the relevance of the University's work. Our associates, sponsors and the media are able to estimate if the University has succeeded in its mission. Furthermore, MoA demonstrates the international connectedness of the University and the varied co-operation the University maintains with various corporations, culture institutions and other universities. The seminars at MoA reflect the relationship between contemporary discussion and the presented works, placing them in a greater context.