Claire Paillon
20.05.2009 05:53
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Claire Paillon

Spatial Design
1986, France

'truc' a tool (rolling) for urban camping, a reflection about city perceptions and experiences

At first sight, ‘truc’ looks like an oversized wheel wrapped in a bright yellow cover that one can roll around the city. It can then be transformed either into a sofa or a tent, shaped from the same round profile. It invites people to spend time outdoors in alternative manners in order to brake them out of their daily routines. ‘truc’ is mobile and can be set-up anywhere. It allows actions such as walking, standing, or sitting, with the addition of laying down and even sleeping. However, its main quality is to offer opportunities to create new and unexpected activities such as having a picnic on a roof-top, or staying overnight in a public square. ‘truc’ is not meant for regular everyday use. On the contrary, occasional practice will spice-up one’s daily life with unusual experiences and new visions of the urban environment.

‘truc’ is the outcome of an exploration about city perceptions and experiences. It promotes mobility in people's everyday environments in order to counteract the perception of the city as a background for mandatory activities. The translation of the camping spirit into the urban environment has been the main source of inspiration in developing the aesthetic as well as the functional aspects of ‘truc’. From this, the prototype has been built and used extensively in various places and conditions in Helsinki's urban environment. "

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