Satu Harjunen

Visual Culture
1981, Finland

Under the surface

¬†‚ÄúUnder the surface‚ÄĚ -thesis includes an art jewelry exhibition and a study of art experiences. The art works are made to enhance the difference between the surface and the content, and to express the symbiotic relation between the two sides.
The art works play with the role of the viewer. The faith of the works has to be decided before the jewelry can be worn. Everybody experiences the situation differently. The viewers own memories reflect on the final result. Someone would split the work to be able to use it, but not everybody. To some viewers it is more important to keep the work intact than to be able to wear the piece. The natural materials of the art works make the decision difficult, because the decision might end the life a plant. A person as a wearer of the piece will give it a new life, even though it means destroying the plant before that.

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Harjunen, Satu
Suomi-Väänänen, Maarit