Ea Vasko

1980, Finland

Defining Darkness

The Defining Darkness series deals with the nocturnal character of urban settings, as well as the uncertainty related to darkness and limited vision. Cityscapes turn into something completely different by nightfall. The environment is based on small, single artificial lights and the shapes created by them. Shapes and forms are also different in darkness because they must be determined, where as in daylight they are knowable detailed facts. We become unsure in darkness, because 80 % of our perceptions depend on our sense of vision.
Besides actual city environments, I have built miniature scale models for some of the photographs. With the models, I have better been able to investigate the properties of space and light, and control all the factors of the locations myself. Photographing miniature models also makes it possible to play with scale and create anonymous spaces. Some of the models are actually very small, but they seem large and unreal in the photographs.

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Ahlava, Joonas
Heinilehto, Teemu
Kaila, Tuukka
Koivisto, Kaisu
Lahti, Hanna
Lehtovirta, Tommi
Mandharachitara, Napin
Matikainen, Elisa
Meilahti, Sanna-Reeta
Merenlahti, Anu
Miljak, Cvijeta
Nykänen, Reetta
Pakaslahti, Hella
Ryynänen, Ulla
Valonen, Liisa
Vasko, Ea