Liisa Valonen

1977, Finland

Story within an image -letters to support fashion photograph

My goal is simple: to introduce myself as a new fashion photographer in Finland. The field of photographers in fashion is narrow in our country, for example, big companies still use photographers from other countries. I¬īm trying, for my part, to lower their travelling expenses by showing them that there are, in fact, talented and ambitious, ‚Äúnew‚ÄĚ photographers here in Finland.

Me and fashion designer Saara Lepokorpi met six years ago in our school as we attended the same Swedish course. Our co-operation has been really rewarding ever since. Our final result is an episode, one small stop on our on-going process and by no means an end to our co-operation. I can not think of a better way to present my work to the people in the fashion industry than this. I¬īm presenting the whole seven-year-co-operation with Saara in a book and the latest photos will be presented imposingly at the exhibition. My ultimate goal is to show the viewers, fashion photographs as works of art. Beautiful, intelligent and timeless.

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