Reetta Nykänen

Graphic Design
1981, Finland

Sonic Bloom   


Sonic Bloom -service is a new method for making music. It is a virtual internet studio that enables collective composing. In future the service will also be available for mobile devices. The goal of the project is to renew the concept of a music studio and offer the users a new way to approach audiovisual media.

My task as a graphic designers was to design the visual appearance of the online service, including the virtual instruments and logo design. The written part of the thesis is titled ‚ÄėMediaradical‚Äô and was published be Grafia. The publication analyses the tasks and professional identity of a graphic designer in the context of the Sonic Bloom project but also from a more general, philosophical perspective.

The target group for Sonic Bloom service and Mediaradical publication are people of any age group, nationality or gender who are interested in music, visual design or combination of these two.

Producer: Pore Ltd
Collaborators: Cymbidium Records, Grafia, Snap, VTT...

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Ahlava, Joonas
Heinilehto, Teemu
Kaila, Tuukka
Koivisto, Kaisu
Lahti, Hanna
Lehtovirta, Tommi
Mandharachitara, Napin
Matikainen, Elisa
Meilahti, Sanna-Reeta
Merenlahti, Anu
Miljak, Cvijeta
Nykänen, Reetta
Pakaslahti, Hella
Ryynänen, Ulla
Valonen, Liisa
Vasko, Ea