Cvijeta Miljak

Graafinen suunnittelu
1973, Kroatia

Marina’s Garden

Marina’s Garden is an experimental film piece inspired by the biography and writing of Russian poet Marina Tsvetaeva. The work is based on her correspondence with Rainer Maria Rilke and Boris Pasternak from the year 1926. Marina’s Garden is presented in two modes, as an installation and as a film version.

Marina‚Äôs Garden is a cinematic poem, painting an imaginary love affair, which might as well be a chronicle of love itself. Marina addresses an invisible lover, through the void, her feelings bare and tangible. There is no past, present nor future ‚Äď they all melt in a timeless poetic instance. Her words, carried through a dream and through a memory of a dream, only briefly touching reality, are insubstantial like the breath of the poets.

Marina‚Äôs Garden is an inner landscape for dreaming ‚Äď a meditation on personal memories, dreams, loneliness and bonds between people who care(d) for each other.

Marina’s Garden project has been an associated project of Crucible Studio, Media Lab, TaiK. It has been supported by grants from Avek (The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture) and Arts Council of Finland.

Marina’s Garden is a collaboration between Cvijeta Miljak, Riikka Pelo, Elina Latva and Tatu Virtamo.

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