Sanna-Reeta Meilahti

Graphic Design
1974, Finland

Map as a representation

Maps are everyday objects with countless different ways of use. They are also a concept with which we organize the world around us. In my thesis I concentrate on reflecting the very being of maps and the idea behind them.

On a map surface image and word comes together with the experience of spatiality. In what ways maps themselves effect on our observations of the world around us? I outline various aspects that a map mediates as a result of its structure, the forming of that structure and also cultural and communicational aspects that are contributing factors in this process.

On my exploration to the world of maps I make my way through the history and techniques of cartography toward the personal cartographies inside them. This way I study them also as a form of illustration ‚Äď and art.

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Ahlava, Joonas
Heinilehto, Teemu
Kaila, Tuukka
Koivisto, Kaisu
Lahti, Hanna
Lehtovirta, Tommi
Mandharachitara, Napin
Matikainen, Elisa
Meilahti, Sanna-Reeta
Merenlahti, Anu
Miljak, Cvijeta
Nykänen, Reetta
Pakaslahti, Hella
Ryynänen, Ulla
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Vasko, Ea