Tommi Lehtovirta

Fine Arts
1979, Finlandi


My thesis consists of three video works: Limbo, Passage and Self-portrait. The subject of these video works is alienation. The Situationist ideas on derivé and society of the spectacle have influenced my work.

Derivé can be understood as wandering aimlessly with the purpose of possibly ending up in surprising situations. The key idea is to disrupt everyday routines. My own work derives from the attempt to capture a similar immediacy on video. Because of this my work is shot from a subjective point of view. Handheld shots seem to consist of single, long takes.

My work also deals with the spiritual and emotional process I went through while studying in TaiK. How I perceive art and my own work has changed fundamentally. The experience of alienation has reached me as an artist as well.

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Ahlava, Joonas
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Lehtovirta, Tommi
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