Kaisu Koivisto

Fine Arts
1962, Finland



I am attracted by the notion of site-specific art in its current state of reorientation. I explore the concept of a ‚Äėsite-adaptable‚Äô work using my installation Observatory as a starting point.
Site-specific art is rooted in the symbiosis between the work and the environment in which the work is situated. An artwork can also appear as a parasite-like addition in an environment. I have developed the concept of a site-adaptable work because I believe that connecting the work with a specific site can often be limiting. The location of a site-adaptable work is more essential for the meanings of the art work than vice versa. The characteristic feature of a site-adaptable work is that it is a nomadic work, which can be modified into different kinds of environments.

Observatory. Electrolysis zinc-coated steel, 2008


Ahlava, Joonas
Heinilehto, Teemu
Kaila, Tuukka
Koivisto, Kaisu
Lahti, Hanna
Lehtovirta, Tommi
Mandharachitara, Napin
Matikainen, Elisa
Meilahti, Sanna-Reeta
Merenlahti, Anu
Miljak, Cvijeta
Nykänen, Reetta
Pakaslahti, Hella
Ryynänen, Ulla
Valonen, Liisa
Vasko, Ea